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Edu What? Edu Who?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

What does every teacher love more than a fresh new acronym right?!

Wrong! We've got IEP's, 504's, CBA's, DPM's, ARD's, ED, ID, and the newest one for me is EB which I can't even begin to tell you what it means or stands for. Just like you, I am over them too. So one late night when I couldn't sleep (probably because I was thinking about something school-related that I didn't check off the list) I came up with my very own term.


Bam! Just like that, it hit me. So, of course, I immediately turned to Google and found that although I did not create the word, I was for damn sure going to make it my own. Turn it into an entire lifestyle because the reality is that it literally is my lifestyle.

Now, clearly, the mom part is the more important of the two but Momedu just didn't have the same ring to it. It did however return fewer results.

The Edu Part

There is so much that comes with being an educator such as the late nights, the guilt of not doing enough, the perfecting of lesson plans, refraining from completely going off on students who are upset with you for asking them to stop talking...during a test!

The 10 different bags we carry because we are literally toting around a bag for just about any and everything we can think of. The mugs we sip out of that glamorize our subject matter because, well, we've got to represent.

To the wonderful letters we receive expressing the influence we had on their lives that we were unable to notice. Thoughtful gifts that they either utilized their time to create or their parent's funds to purchase.

The Mom Part

The part that is the most important of all. The part that sometimes gets the scraps of what is left of us because the educator part has stripped us of all the energy we have to give. The position that is going to always remain with us after we decide to step away from the classroom.

The part of us that we find ourselves struggling to make a priority because although we know that it is, we want to be exceptional educators for our students. This leaves us "fitting in" time with our own babies because, well, they've got us there physically right do we really need to be paying attention to them?

Then there is the part about motherhood that leaves you completely drained, exhausted, and defeated. The part where you realize months have gone by and you've done nothing for yourself other than bathe. You become an afterthought.

Creating a Lifestyle

Once I realized teaching had me overly stressed, I was "fitting in" time for my own babies, and I was making even less time for myself. It became very evident that it was time for me to do something different. The pandemic helped me to see that teaching was my career, not my everything, my babies deserved more than to be fit into my schedule, and I deserved to be a priority in my own life.

With that said I applied the logic of LIT (another midnight idea I came up with).

  1. Loyalty to self, commitments, and obligations

  2. Be Intentional about where I direct my energy and the decisions I make

  3. I value my Time

Applying these principles allowed me to establish a sense of balance that worked for my family and me.

I was living The Edumom Lifestyle. A lifestyle that allowed me to put myself first, in order to be present for my family, to be the mother I was destined to be after driving out of that school parking lot, and to be the educator I desired to be during my contracted hours. I left 95% of my work right there in order to give 100% of myself to my own babies and it was worth it. Going into the 2021/2022 school year I have entered this school year applying those same principles.

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